In a nutshell, the idea behind Bottomline came about from years of listening to customer grievances. We felt current alternatives were not taking enough effort to make you comfortable and that we could do better. When we talk about comfort, we're not just referring to the ergonomics of our products. We are also referring to the various other aspects that are part of choosing furniture for your house like strong warranties, easy customizations and dependable after sales services. We felt that it is time to make the customer feel comfortable about all of these areas as well.

At Bottomline you will find that we actually listen to you and are always looking to improve ourselves, our products and our services. That is the concept behind Bottomline - we wish to be the nal word in seating comfort. What you see on this website is our endeavor to provide you with the most comfortable products as well as the most comfortable buying experience you will encounter.

Very shortly, we will also be launching a Bottomline Experience Studio in Mumbai. Our idea behind The Experience Studio is to translate our philosophy into something tangible where the customer can experience our concept rst-hand.

We are extremely excited about it and do stay tuned for updates.

The team behind Bottomline has been manufacturing sofas of all shapes and sizes since 2002. We have had some of the largest home furniture retailers as our clients. We have also supplied our products to architects as well as several individual customers. Over the years we have made hundreds and hundreds of sofa sets.

We believe that by leveraging our local manufacturing expertise, we can give you the most complete, hassle free and comfortable buying experience possible.Visit our Contact Us page to nd out how you can get in touch with us.We constantly ask ourselves how we can make you more comfortable and if you have any comments or suggestions we would be more than happy to hear from you. We give our communications with customers the highest importance.